Snow and Wonder

January 22, 2014

Do you remember the first time you saw snowflakes make their way down from the atmosphere and gracefully fall onto the ground? Those of us here in the north are probably less likely to actually remember that first time with much detail. Yet I can imagine what it must have been like for me on that day when I watch little kids look out the window at snow. There is wonder.

They stand with wide eyes and gaping mouths at the backyard they’ve played in countless times suddenly being turned into a gigantic snow globe. They marvel at the way the snow can cover everything and make for a completely different world. They get giddy at the thought of running out into the winter wonderland and creating snow forts, having snowball battles, and maybe even taking a stab at making a snowman too.

Snow And Wonder

I wonder why it is that we let ourselves grow used to things that once caused us so much wonder and awe. Things that used to stop us in our tracks and hold us there for hours can sometimes barely get a second’s notice. What happens is that we grow used to the things that once amazed us and now have lost our perspective. It’s not that the things themselves have changed; we have. And perhaps, this change doesn’t make us more mature or grown-up. Maybe it just makes us old.

There is something beautiful found in simplicity. There is something great about how easily a child is entertained, something that we (I suppose a bit like Peter Pan) should try to hold onto.

Spiritually speaking, the beauty of the gospel should never have to be muddled up with theological vernacular to be truly appreciated. Study, sure! But study to further appreciate the simplicity of God who loved the world so much that even when it fell He reached down to pick it back up.

Maybe we’d be happier if we didn’t require so much to allow ourselves to be made happy.

Maybe we’d be more joyful if simple things were able to speak volumes like they once did.

Maybe we we’d be fuller if we didn’t try so hard to be filled.

Maybe we’d be more content if we didn’t need to have such big toys and big lives.

Maybe life would be a bit better if we were once again stopped in our tracks by the beauty of something as simple as falling snow, a beautiful sunset, a child’s laugh, or a loved one’s hug. Maybe there’s a way to mature without ever having to grow old!