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Jeanne Mayo

Founder and President of “Youth Leader's Coach”
International Speaker and Author
Director of Youth and Young Adult Outreach, Victory World Church

Norcross, Georgia

While much has changed in the past four decades that I’ve been involved in youth ministry, the desperate need for quality discipleship has not. It All Starts Here acknowledges the fact that a student’s spiritual journey isn’t completed when they make the decision to follow Christ. IT ONLY STARTS THERE. As an experienced youth pastor, Jonathan walks students through the gospel and our basic beliefs so that we move students beyond the point of decision to a life of vibrant faith. This captivating and relationally-driven book serves as a dynamic and interactive resource for youth ministries looking to engage their new believers in what it means to truly follow Christ.

Tim Walk

Senior High Youth Pastor, Mount Paran Church

Atlanta, Georgia

It All Starts Here is a brilliant resource for a youth ministry. This book is packed with lessons and insights that would take a student years to learn if all they did was come to church. It is really a "best of" and is packed with everything a youth pastor would hope a student would walk away knowing after 4 years of youth ministry, packed into a 31 day devotional.


It All Starts Here is a thorough, funny, engaging, challenging, and biblical walk-through of what it means to follow Christ specifically designed for the new believer. No longer do youth pastors and other church leaders need to leave the new believer with the “now what?” question still lingering in their mind after they’ve made that important decision. With this resource you can know that they are walking through the gospel message and basic Christian beliefs on a 31-day journey that will cover the kind of topics that would take months of sermons to cover. Check it out today!



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