The Book Release Party Recap

April 6, 2013

Last night was the book release party for my new book, “It All Starts Here.” And what a good time it was! A number of friends came out to be a part of this exciting event. Even some family of mine traveled down from Harrisburg to help out and be a part of it. And so I wanted to just share a bit of a recap of what the night looked like and why it mattered.

I mentioned last night that I never thought my first book would be this one. I have two other works that I’m excited to spend more time working on now. But “It All Starts Here” was a God-send surprise. It all began when I came to grips with a real need I saw in the church, particularly in youth ministry, for some solid discipleship. We needed something to give the new believer to get them going on the journey of following Christ.

Last night was a huge moment in the progress of that dream. I had the absolute privilege of signing 57 books that were sold to the folks who came out. Some were for themselves, but then there were some people who were sending a copy to friends and family. Even one as far as Italy!

I have no idea where this book is going to go. I know I’ve done a lot of work to produce a resource that could be used widespread. I know that beyond my own prayers many others are praying that lives are changed through it. I know that many people out there would love to have a book like this that would help them disciple the new believer. Now it’s a matter of God making all the connections happen.

And I know He’ll make the right ones happen. So I rejoice in the fact that God’s far from finished with this dream of mine. In fact, I believe it’s just starting!